Prayer Request

Courtney Sumrall, August 22, 2023 - 7:34 am

Today I pray for all of God's children.
I come to you Lord, humble and grateful, and pray for their peace. I pray that they can see you through their trials, that regardless of their specific battle their eyes and hearts remain lifted up to the hills; remembering every moment that you are with them. The greatest most loving Father, our protection; our strength, our wise and gracious King 🙏 I pray that their mental anguish is washed away by their trust in your plan Father, the knowledge that by wrapping ourselves in a blanket of worries of the flesh, we create a barrier that hinders us from focusing on and trusting in the Spirit, in You Father, who is always here for our betterment.
I pray for your gentle guidance and endless love to fill their pained hearts Lord, to pull them out of this darkness and into your beautiful light so that they can remember who's child they are and hold their head high.